Contracts figure prominently in entrepreneurship. Many entrepreneurs have to deal with them virtually on a daily basis. A lawyer’s assessment and assistance are often desirable or even necessary in order to draft a good contract.

This will enable any risks to be assessed and any damage or loss caused by potential conflicts to be prevented or minimised. In the best case scenario, both parties comply with the obligations they have agreed upon. However, practice has shown that this is often not the case. Wiggers Ross Advocaten | Belastingkundigen can help you draft and review contracts and will recover any loss you might suffer.


Drawing up general terms and conditions can help to provide clarity about the respective rights and obligations of the parties to an agreement. You can stipulate the terms and conditions on which you enter into agreements in your general terms and conditions. This helps you reduce any risks and prevents you from having to conduct negotiations whenever you enter into a contract. Your general terms and conditions should comply with several statutory conditions. The lawyers at Wiggers Ross Advocaten | Belastingkundigen can help you draw up general terms and conditions which comply with these statutory requirements.


  • Drafting, negotiating and reviewing various contracts
  • Sale, distribution, franchise agreements
  • Preparing general terms and conditions
  • Default, notice of default, liabilities
  • Recovering damages
  • Terminating agreements
  • Contract transfers


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