A lawyer since 1999

Henk-Jan ter Waarbeek graduated from the Law Faculty of Groningen University in 1999, majoring in private law and criminal law. He has been a lawyer ever since. Henk-Jan specialises in corporate law, insolvency law and labour law. Henk-Jan is a partner at Wiggers Ross Advocaten | Belastingkundigen. In his litigation and advisory work, Henk-Jan mainly assists companies, but his clientele includes private individuals as well. His work focuses on corporate law, commercial disputes, labour law, insolvency law and liability, including directors’ liability for an insolvent company’s bankruptcy and their liability for unlawful acts even if the company has not been declared bankrupt. He coordinates reorganisations and advises companies that find themselves in trouble. Henk-Jan is frequently appointed as an administrator and receiver by various courts.

Henk-Jan is a member of INSOLAD, the Dutch Association of Insolvency Lawyers. He completed the Insolvency Law programme at Grotius Academy in 2008, followed by a course on Financial Economics for Receivers in 2011.


Member of the Association of Insolvency Lawyers (Vereniging Insolventierecht Advocaten – INSOLAD)


Private law and Criminal law at University of Groningen
Insolvency Law programme at Grotius Academy
Financial Economics for Receivers course at INSOLAD


Telephone: +31 (0) 316 52 77 52