A lawyer since 1986

Henk Jan Kastein practices civil law and administrative law. He tries to divide his attention equally between these two branches of law. The balance sometimes shifts towards cases between companies and/or between citizens, and sometimes towards objections to government decisions. Henk Jan deals with all kinds of trade issues that entrepreneurs may come across, such as problems with a partner, a supplier or a customer. These disputes may concern drafting agreements, defective compliance, failure to pay, claims for damages, etc. Henk Jan also handles tendering procedures as a special form of establishing agreements.

Where administrative law is concerned, this is mainly about permit and enforcement matters. Many cases in this field concern spatial planning and environmental law, but general administrative law is also within his scope of activities. Henk Jan is also very experienced in assisting German clients who require legal support in the Netherlands.


Member of the Dutch Association of Environmental Lawyers (Vereniging Milieurecht Advocaten – VMA)
Member of two Boards of Appeal outside the Dutch Liemers region
Member of the Dutch-German Business Club (Nederlands-Duitse Businessclub)


Leiden University
Environmental Law programme at Grotius Academy
General Administrative Law programme at Grotius Academy


Telephone: (0316) 52 77 52